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“Looking at these photographs, I know that I will never understand the world I live in or fully know the places I’ve been. I’ve learned for sure only what I don’t know—and how much I have to learn.”

Anthony Bourdain

Tailored-Regional Tours

Be Local Explorers is the go-to Tour Operator for an unforgettable and deeply meaningful travel experience.

We specialize in slow travel, regional tours and tailor-made itineraries to perfectly suit the needs of our clients.

Our Tailor-made Tours provide you with fully personalized itineraries, perfect for families or friends who want to explore a region together. Our tours are led by local guides and tour leaders, ensuring that you get to experience the culture of the region in depth. Outdoor activities and cultural experiences are included, making sure that you get to see the best that the region has to offer, whilst still allowing time for self-exploring and down time.

Tailor-Made Tours

We have picked some of our favourite regions around the world and created sample itineraries based on our philosophy. Are you happy with our proposal? Feel free to go for it as it is or let us know what would make the perfect tour.





Let us know the dates and length of your ideal tour

Tell us the number of explorers and rooms

Pick the option that best suits your style

Let us know if you would like to combine a couple of regions or stick to one

Doing the Right Thing

Mindful/Slow tourism is at the base of what we do. We believe in people and their ability to change things. We think that by connecting with each other and our environment, we can improve. Involvement, solidarity, tolerance, awareness, and communication are the bases of our personal and professional lives. We also have a strong commitment to social & environmental sustainability:


Group Size

Income Distribution


We use and promote public transport throughout our tours to minimize our carbon footprint

We only work with small groups to minimize social disruptions  (max. 10 people)

Income gets distributed across the regions we visit as we cover a wider area and not only tourist hotspots

We are a “zero paper” company, avoid single-use plastics and are water conscious 

Sample Tours


Tenerife - Canary Islands



Porto - Northern Portugal



Southern Pacific - Costa Rica

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