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Krakow - Southern Poland
The Trails of the Vistula 

Land of kings, historians, and legends. If the bricks and cobblestones of this city could talk, we would hear stories about some of the most decisive moments in Polish & European history. From Czech dominance back in the IX century, passing through Swedish ruling in the 1700s; to the Prussian, Russian and Austrian divisions and some of the darkest hours of history, during WWII. Ask Wawel’s dragon for permission to enter the castle and discover this architectural jewel, wander the streets of the “Ghetto” and learn about one of the toughest lessons history has taught us, and access bunkers from the cold war to hear stories from a recent past. All wrapped in a fairy-tale-like atmosphere that will mess with your senses and surrounded by lavish forests, lakes and medieval towns, that will invite you to reflect, as you stop after a hike or drop your bicycle for a second.


Do not forget to indulge yourself with delicious pierogi and a taste of soplica; Kazimierz (the old Jewish quarter) is the perfect place to do it, a fascinating neighbourhood where trendy shops, synagogues and small bars hide behind every corner.

Join us and experience a city that has built its own identity from adversity. Witamy w Krakowie!

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Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary


All breakfasts, 2 dinners and 2 lunches + snacks


City walks, Cycling to Tyniec, Wieliczka Wine & Food tasting, Nowa Huta tour and more


Included public transportation card throughout the tour 


7 nights accommodation in Krakow

Day 1 

Welcome to Krakow

Welcome to the City! Today our adventure begins. You will meet your local host this afternoon and settle into your new home. As you will soon discover, we choose small, cosy hotels in convenient locations (away from the crowds), as we want you to enjoy the time you spend at home and we want you to be able to move quickly through the city whilst discovering less known quarters. After freshening up, we will go for some drinks at one of our hidden spots, before heading for an included welcome dinner at one of our favourite local restaurants. There you will get to indulge yourself in some Polish delicacies! Tonight is all about breaking the ice, sharing, having fun and having your first encounter with the local cuisine. Our culinary journey will begin with traditional Polish food (we hope you are hungry and thirsty). Poland is known for its famous pierogi (Polish dumplings), but don't be naive, there is a lot more to be discovered. Your first Polish lesson begins today - Witamy w Krakowie!

Day 2 

 First encounter with your new home

 It is time to discover your New Home! First, enjoy your breakfast! Afterwards, we will head out and start exploring “Poland’s Royal City". Today we will cover the historical centre but we will leave the busiest areas for a late-night visit when we can enjoy them at our own pace. We will start with the obvious and see the main landmarks, so you know where they are (and understand how important they are when it comes to the history of the city) and you can then decide what to visit during your free time. What we want to show you today are the fascinating history hiding behind every corner, impressive architecture, our favourite views of the city, the squares, the cobblestoned streets, and the forest and river paths that will eventually lead us to monasteries on top of hills. This will not be your typical walk where you get dates and names that you will forget after a couple of hours. This will be a more intimate walk where you will find out what is not on Google searches. We want you to understand how the history of the city has shaped its culture and reality. We would love you to join us for lunch at our favourite eateries and enjoy some homemade food. The afternoon is free for you to further explore. Krakow is walkable but you can always use the transport card we have given you and take a tram or a bus. What about tonight? Who knows! We love spontaneity. Remember, travel is an art, not a science!

Day 3 

 Wieliczka Wine & Food tasting

Dzien Dobry! Are you ready for some wine, cheese and cured meats? Today we will be heading to Wieliczka, famous for its salt mines. A 1-hour bus ride from Krakow will get us to our meeting point where we will meet our local guide. During this 2-hour tour we will be walking in vineyards, learning about biodynamic wines and we will also be tasting them together with some local products. In the afternoon, we will make our way back to Krakow where you will have a free evening - You know where to find us if you need suggestions!

Day 4 

The Nowa Huta Utopia

 Today you will have a free morning. Use it to relax, explore Krakow’s old town or maybe go to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and learn more about what took place during WWII. In the afternoon, we will catch a tram and head to the neighbourhood of Nowa Huta, one of the 2 social realist settlements ever built (15 minutes away). Built as a utopian ideal city during socialist times, Nowa Huta is the perfect place to get a better picture of a recent past. Its grandeur, architecture, big avenues, and the possibility to visit nuclear shelters, will take you back in time to Cold War days. After experiencing Nowa Huta, we will move to a completely different part of the city, Kazimierz. Full of character and contrast, Kazimierz was a place of coexistence for Polish and Jewish for centuries and it is now a cultural centre. This quarter (once an independent town) is the perfect place to further understand the city and its relationship with the Jewish community throughout history. It is also the right place for independent shops, restaurants, and cafes. Maybe we should take advantage of this and visit some of its quirky bars later in the evening - Na zdrowie!

Day 5 

Cycling and Tyniec Abbey

 It’s time to cycle! There is no better place than along the beautiful Vistula River, the longest in the country. Cycling is a great way to spend your time, as it is not only a relaxing form of recreation, but it helps to develop the muscles in the legs and the entire torso. After a brief instruction period, we will head to Wawel Castle, where you can admire the beautiful Vistula Boulevards, the Vistula bend and of course, Wawel Castle itself. This beautiful journey will soon take us to the countryside and eventually to Tyniec, (home of the Benedictine Abbey) where we will have time to relax and taste the regional handmade products of the Benedictine Abbey itself.

Day 6 

 Ojcow National Park: Ojcow National Park

 It’s time for our second Escapade! This time we will be visiting the beautiful National Park of Ojcow, located 25 km northwest of Krakow. To get there we will go on a 40-minute bus ride. Deep ravines, unique rock formations and thick woodlands that date back to the Jurassic are what you can expect and what has inspired so many tales and legends. We will not let the opportunity pass and visit the 14th century “Kazimierz Castle”, built as part of King Kazimierz the Great “Eagles Nest” line of defensive fortifications. For lunch, we will taste fresh/local trout, as we sit outside and enjoy the air in Poland's smallest National Park, yet ranked amongst the most beautiful in the country. We will then keep walking through nature and visit Ojcow’s largest cave which stretches 320 meters and hides popular legends regarding battles with the old Bohemian kings. We will end our day at “Krakow’s Gate”, a natural monument that puts into perspective how ephemeral life on earth is and why we should always seize the opportunity to keep exploring. Tonight you can enjoy a free evening, always knowing we are always up for some fun and suggestions for you to make the most of your stay!

Day 7

 Free day and farewell dinner

Today you are free to explore beautiful Krakow or perhaps you want to visit Auschwitz concentration camp, if that is the case, ask your tour leader for assistance. Save some energy and get ready for our farewell night. Tonight we are going to one of our favourite restaurants (we have many) for a superb dinner. There is only one goal: to have the best possible time and thank everyone for sharing this experience with us. Drinks and music will be waiting after our dinner to keep celebrating life and say goodbye to Krakow the way it deserves - Dziekuje Ci!

Day 8

Until we meet again

We hope you loved your time with us. Do not hesitate to ask us for suggestions on how to get back to the airport or make arrangements for your next adventure. Do zobaczenia!

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Hotel Batory

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Hotel Rubinstein

Looking for comfy and relaxing accommodation in a quiet area but

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Agata was born and raised in southern Poland. She is a literature lover and a world trotter. You cannot ask for a better tour leader.

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