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PORTO - Northern Portugal
Colours, Sounds & Flavours

Make Porto your new home and discover northern Portugal!

There is no way to escape Porto’s charm. Every corner of Portugal’s “undefeated” city is full of surprises you will discover through all your senses. Understanding the history of this colourful city and its surroundings, is understanding Portugal’s history. Having a glass of green wine & grilled sardines in the streets of Matosinhos, is delving into one of the most essential elements of Portuguese cuisine. Listening to a lost fado, is the beginning of getting a feeling only Portuguese have a word for: “saudade”. Walking the alleyways of Miragaia with a local, is the way to see the hidden “simple wonders” that rushed tourists, miss. Riding a tram or a bus to Gaia or Foz do Douro to enjoy the beaches and sunsets, is living how locals do. And of course, sipping a Port wine in one of its family-owned shops is embracing the culture of a city like no other - Bem vindo ao Porto!


Join us and Indulge yourself with the Colors, Flavours & Sounds that have built this city and made it unique!

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Sample Itinerary


All breakfasts, 2 dinners and 2 lunches + snacks


City walks, Douro & Peneda Geres visits, Aveiro & Guimaraes  exploration and more 


Included public transportation card throughout the tour + private transportation


7 nights accommodation in Porto

Day 1 

Welcome to Porto

Today your adventure begins! Your local host will come and meet you at the airport and take you to your new home. After freshening up, you will join your host for an included dinner at a local eatery. Life in Portugal is planned around meals, so experiencing its culinary treasures is a big step towards understanding this country. Let your host pick one of her/his favourite spots for you and just enjoy the evening. Tomorrow is a new day!

Day 2 

 First encounter with your new home

 It's time to discover your new home! First, enjoy breakfast at your accommodation, take your time and get ready. Your host will come and meet you to go for a walk around the city. We try and avoid doing the same walk most companies do with the same info you can find on Wikipedia. How do we do that? Easy, your host was born and raised in the city and knows it inside out. Do not worry, you will not miss any of the famous bridges, squares and churches! 

Day 3 

 Travel in time - Day visit to Guimarães

Bom dia! It’s time to dig a bit further and understand the roots of Portugal. Guimarães, a UNESCO World Heritage site with an impressive medieval old town is the place to do it. After a 1-hour train ride, we will be in the hometown of the first king of Portugal, Afonso I “the Conqueror”. Its castle, the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança (visit included), the twisted little streets, charming squares, and its stone and metalwork are only some of the ingredients that make this city fascinating.

Day 4 

 Gaia, the Atlantic Ocean and the most impressive chapel

Shall we plan an easy day like locals do (that’s what we are)? What about heading to the neighbourhood of Miramar? This part of Gaia still portrays the "good old days" through the beautiful architecture of its houses. A stroll through its iconic dunes, boardwalks along the coast and witnessing the impressive “Capela do Senhor da Pedra”, a 17th-century chapel built on a rock surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic will help you open your appetite. A delicious local lunch awaits!

Day 5 

 Peneda Geres National Park

Today after breakfast, we will head north to the beautiful National Park of Peneda Geres. You will be picked up from your lodging in a 4×4, and your escape from routine begins! Today you will avoid the tourist spots. Instead, we offer you the unknown, the hidden secrets that only the locals know! Surrounded by gorgeous mountain landscapes you will make short and accessible walks that will reward you with breathtaking views, wild swimming in crystal clear lagoons with only fish to make you company, waterfalls taken straight from fantasy books and a time travel back to ancient times, where you can see and feel how the locals live, dress and eat in centuries-old villages. To be able to absorb all the sounds, smells, and natural beauty of Gerês all year round, you have to be able to open your heart and clear your mind.

Day 7

Aveiro: Colours & Canals

 A new day, a new plan. Today will be a colourful day and that’s why we will hop on a train (1-hour ride) to get to Aveiro with its canals and “moliceiro” boats. There is no better way to discover this quaint town than by walking its colourful streets. Your local host will not only tell you all about Aveiro's incredible history but also take you to the real city behind the tourist facade! Once back in Porto, you will enjoy an included farewell dinner to talk and share the memories you have made.

Day 6 

Douro Valley

 Today you will be picked up from your hotel and travel in a minivan towards the wine region of Sabrosa. Stop for a quick coffee before venturing into the mountains. After arriving at the family-owned vineyard, enjoy a guided tour of the winery's facilities. Savour a hand-picked selection of their fine port and DOC wines. Drive to the next winery and sit down to a delicious lunch of local specialities accompanied by wine from the winery. Contemplate the lush rolling landscapes around the vineyard. After lunch, visit their facilities and taste a range of the winery's ports. Some more wines will follow before heading back to Porto (1-hour drive).

Day 8

Until we meet again

We hope you loved your time with us. Do not hesitate to ask us for suggestions on how to get back to the airport or make arrangements for your next adventure. Ate a proxima!

Accommodation Options


Boavista Guest House

Are you looking for an authentic experience in a neighborhood out of the touristy hotspots? Don´t look

further, Boavista Guest House is the place to be.


Predicados do Douro Palace

Looking for comfy and relaxing accommodation in a quiet area but

just minutes away from Porto´s

historical centre? Then Predicados do Douro Palace is your place.

More options available

Your Local Tour Leader


Isabel was born and raised in Porto. She is a foodie, photography aficionado and has made a living out of showing her favourite places to visitors.

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