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Prague - Bohemia Region
Praha Uncharted

Welcome to Prague: Visit the Castle, walk over Charles Bridge (or try at least), squeeze into the Old Town Square and photograph the Astronomical Clock, taste “Trdelnik” (a non-Czech pastry) and end with an overpriced beer. Post the same pictures as everyone else and oversimplify one of Europe’s cultural, political and economic centres; birthplace of artists & thinkers, capital of an Empire and home of revolutions.

Now, welcome to Praha: Visit the 10th-century Vysehrad fort (the first seat of Czech dukes), walk in neighbourhoods like Karlín or Vinohrady where you will find traces of a communist past and an image of a modern present, discover the church basement where the members of Operation Anthropoid hid during WWII or go hiking in the beautiful Bohemian countryside, before ending your day with delicious Hermelin cheese and a řezапé (mix of light and dark lagers) in an authentic Czech pub in Žižkov, Prague’s lively student quarter. Write your memories down, and tell your friends what has shaped one of Europe's most forward-thinking cities.


Join us, and we will show you all that makes this city, fascinating - Vítejte v Praze!

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Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary


All breakfasts, 2 dinners and 2 lunches + snacks


City walks, Kutna Hora bone chapel, Cesky Krumlov visit, Cycling tour and more


Included public transportation card throughout the tour 


7 nights accommodation in Prague

Day 1 

Welcome to Prague

 Today our adventure begins. This afternoon you will meet your local host and settle into your new home. As you will soon discover, we choose comfortable hotels in convenient locations (away from the crowds), as we want you to be able to relax and move easily through the city. After freshening up, we will go for some drinks at one of our hidden spots, before heading for an included welcome dinner at one of our favourite local restaurants. There you will get to know your new friends (yes, we already call them friends - that’s how we roll) a bit better and indulge yourself with some Czech delicacies! Tonight is all about breaking the ice, sharing, having fun and having your first encounter with the local cuisine. Our culinary journey will begin with traditional Czech food (we hope you are hungry and thirsty). Czechia is known for its famous beer (some of the very best in the world), but don't be naive, there is a lot more to be discovered. Your first Czech lesson begins today - Vítejte v praze!

Day 2 

 First encounter with your new home

Our first full day in Prague will begin with a hearty breakfast! After breakfast, we will head out and start exploring the Czech Republic's capital city. Today we will cover the historical centre but we will leave the busiest areas for a late-night visit when we can enjoy them at our own pace. We will start with the obvious and see the main landmarks, so you know where they are (and understand how important they are when it comes to the history of the city) and you can then decide what to visit during your free time. What we really want to show you today are the fascinating history hiding behind every corner, impressive architecture, our favourite views of the city, the squares, the cobblestoned streets, and the less known spots where only locals go. This will not be your typical walk where you get dates and names that you will forget after a couple of hours. This will be a more intimate walk where you will find out what is not in Wikipedia. We want you to understand how the history of the city has shaped its culture and reality. We would love you to join us for lunch at our favourite eateries and enjoy some homemade food. The afternoon is free for you to further explore. Prague is walkable but you can always use the transport card we have given you and take a tram, subway or bus. What about tonight? Who knows! We love spontaneity. Remember, travel is an art, not a science!

Day 3 

 Karlštejn Castle

Dobré ráno! Are you ready for our first Escapade? Today we will be heading out of the city with another local. Hundreds of tourists visit the famous Karlštejn Castle every day. However, most of them take a traditional tour and miss the chance to visit the most impressive parts and also forget to enjoy the most scenic view of the castle surrounded by ancient woods. Not only that, but we will visit Karlštejn Village, where our guide’s family settled 100 years ago. To get there we will enjoy a pleasant train ride from Prague's main train station, before discovering trails off the beaten path, the castle and other surprises along the way. We will also have the chance to have a quick bite at a local eatery and have the option to climb the Great Tower (not included). Today we will walk around 10 km, so we will deserve a delicious Czech beer when we get back. Would you like to join us and discover a traditional Czech pub?

Day 4 

 Kutna Hora - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Today you will have a free morning. Use it to relax, explore Prague’s old town or maybe go to one of its many museums and learn more about this city’s long history. In the afternoon, if you feel like it, we could go and explore the town of Kutna Hora. A train ride away, this town with 20.000 inhabitants is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It might be its impressive cathedral, the dark ossuary of Sedlec or the fact that it rivalled Prague itself during the middle ages, but Kutna Hora will not leave you indifferent. Some stories about the black death and a rezané (mix of light and dark lagers) with some Hermelin cheese might complete our wander about this fascinating little town.

Day 5 

 Cycling around Prague

: It’s time to cycle! One of our favourite ways to discover cities is by bike and Prague is not the exception. We suggest hopping on a bike (there are limitless options here) and going explore Prague 7, Stromovka Park, Letna and enjoy the architecture, views of the city and green spaces. Today we will be getting our energy from delicious Vietnamese food. Yes, you read well - Prague has one of the largest Vietnamese communities in Europe and therefore, some of the best Vietnamese food on the continent. Let’s get our favourite dish and either enjoy it in the restaurant or maybe at the park, whilst witnessing this stunning city.

Day 7

 Communist Era and Farewell

 Today we will not be leaving the city but we will be changing eras. It’s time to learn a bit more about Czechia’s dark past and there is no better way than with someone that has experienced it. Aleš, our guide today, has a unique view and knowledge of the Czech Republic and Prague's history in the Communist era, especially the infamous StB (State Security). What was it like to grow up at this time? He will share stories and fates of people experiencing repression, and we will visit the famous Bartholomew Street, which was home to the headquarters of StB, as well as other sites. This tour is organized by a company that works with people that have experienced homelessness, so you will not only have an amazing time but you will be giving something back to the community. We will be having an early farewell dinner tonight (no need to mention it will be in one of our personal favourites) because tonight we are attending a secret jazz concert (well, it is not that secret anymore). This will be a sound way to put an end to a week of discovery and new experiences!

Day 8

Until we meet again

Until we meet again: We hope you loved your time with us. Do not hesitate to ask us for suggestions on how to get back to the airport or make arrangements for your next adventure. Uvidíme se později! 

Day 6 

 Ceský Krumlov

Time for our second Escapade. So why don't we get out of Prague one more time? If you feel like it, we suggest going to Ceský Krumlov. This UNESCO World Heritage town will immediately transport you to a world of myths, fairies and legends. Apart from its undeniable charm, this town in Southern Bohemia is an outstanding example of a small Central European medieval town whose architectural heritage has remained intact thanks to its peaceful evolution over the centuries. This feudal town, a former centre of a large estate owned by powerful noble families who played an important role in the political, economic and cultural history of Central Europe, was founded in the Middle Ages and underwent Renaissance and Baroque transformations. We will start early today, as a 3-hour bus ride (each way) awaits, but do not hesitate, it is worth it!

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U Medvidku-Brewery Hotel

Are you looking for an authentic experience in a hotel that also works as a brewery? Don´t look further, U Medvidku-Brewery Hotel is the

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Alqush Downtown Hotel

Looking for comfy and relaxing accommodation in a quiet area but

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