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Costa Rica 
Southern Caribbean + Turrialba Volcano

It is not a coincidence that Costa Rica has been recognized many times as the happiest country in the world. What secret formula makes this little Central American country an oasis of peace & happiness? Is it simply because of its natural beauty and the fact it has had no army since 1948? Maybe having access to the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans + enviable weather conditions may also have something to do with that. It might even be because they have the freshest/tastiest fruit and some of the best coffee in the world! We believe it is the combination of these facts and having the friendliest people we have come across - You can never get tired of "Tico's" smiles and their favourite phrase: “Pura Vida”.

Join us and discover the true meaning of “Pura Vida” by talking to the locals on Costa Rica´s eastern coast, tasting delicious Caribbean food and exploring beaches surrounded by rainforest. Walk up to the crater of the Turrialba volcano, learn about coffee production at an eco-farm in the Central Valley and learn more about the local Bribri by visiting one of their communities. We will make sure you also have the time to practise yoga, learn the basics of surfing and give something back to the community. Sunsets, fauna & flora and connecting with like-minded people are some other ingredients we will add to the mix.

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

Sample Itinerary


All breakfasts, 2 dinners and 2 lunches + snacks


Turrialba volcano walk, Cahuita NP visit, Bribri indigenous community, Caribbean cuisine , hidden waterfalls and more


Included private transportation throughout the tour


8 nights accommodation in San José/Turrialba/Cahuita

Day 1 

Welcome to Costa Rica

  Welcome to Costa Rica! Today we will meet at your hotel in the town of Santa Ana (west of San Jose). After you settle in we will go for a relaxed walk and get to know each other. An included dinner at our favourite Caribbean place is all we have planned for the evening. Pura Vida!

Day 2 

 All about coffee at a sustainable coffee farm in Atenas

Today we will learn more and taste a product that built Costa Rica: Coffee. However, we will do it at a very small coffee farm in Atenas. Here, we will see how a son took over a traditional coffee plantation and by using permaculture as his philosophy, converted this farm. As you walk through the farm you will taste other fruits that are grown to provide nutrients, shade and alternative sources of income. Additionally, water usage has been reduced to a minimum! Do not worry, you will also be tasting and even pairing coffee.

Day 3 

 On our way to Turrialba and waterfall stop

Today is an introduction to the art of "Pura Vida". Slow breakfast, a chat with your fellow explorers and get ready to go to the beautiful Turrialba region, famous for its cheese and landscapes that could transport you to Austria or Switzerland with a tropical twist. As part of our journey, we will visit a local hidden waterfall where we can go for a swim after a short hike. Tonight we will be sleeping in the region as we have an early start tomorrow morning.

Day 4 

Hike to Turrialba´s summit!

Today we will have a very early start as it increases our chances to see the craters of the volcano. The hike will approximately last 3/3.5 hours. Make sure you have water, a raincoat, hiking boots and some snacks for the way. The difficulty is medium but it is well worth it! Afterwards, we will go to a local eatery and have a well-deserved local lunch. The rest of the afternoon is for us to relax and further explore the region.

Day 5 

The Caribbean

 Today we make our way to a part of the country that still remains a secret to many locals; our goal is to reach our new home in Cahuita. Costa Rica´s Caribbean coast has a unique culture and history that shapes one of the most unique regions in the country. Expect great food, friendly people and a lively atmosphere. Tonight we will go and experience the local cuisine with all its favours!

Day 7

Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve – Rain Forest Hike

: The Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve Tour is a biological and anthropological experience travelling an old highway and immersing in the jungle where most tourists don’t go. The path was the main road for the Kekoldi Bribri Community and other Indigenous tribes in the region for trading purposes. Today we will not only explore this beautiful area but we will learn and interact with the BriBri, one of the 8 indigenous tribes left in Costa Rica. This 6-hour experience includes a traditional lunch.

Day 6 

 Cahuita´s National Park and surrounding areas

Today we will visit one of Costa Rica´s most beautiful and oldest national parks. A local guide will take us through this sanctuary of wildlife and tell us all about the species that live here, from its coral reef to the tropical forest and mangroves that comprise it. Afterwards, we will go and explore the town of Puerto Viejo and some of the nearby beaches like Cocles and Punta Uva.

Day 8

 Manzanillo and way back to San José

It is time to make our way back to San José but before, we will make a stop at Manzanillo, a sleepy town with a beautiful beach and a natural reserve. After our last swim in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, we will get back on our van and drive 4.5 hours back to the Central Valley. Tonight, after checking in and freshening up, we will go for a farewell dinner to share all the memories made in this adventure!

Day 9

Until we meet again

We hope you loved your time with us. Do not hesitate to ask us for suggestions on how to get back to the airport or make arrangements for your next adventure. Hasta la próxima!

Accommodation Options


Aranjuez Lofts - San José

Located west of San José in the

quaint town of Santa Ana, Aranjuez Lofts offers comfy rooms and a safe & relaxing atmosphere. 

Guayabo Lodge

Guayabo lodge is on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano. Expect a quiet location surrounded by nature and beautiful views. You will feel home when here


Ocean View Lodge

Walking distance from the Caribbean see and next to one of Costa Rica´s most spectacular national parks. Not bad, eh? Clean rooms, friendly staff and chilled vibes are also included.

More options available

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Ricardo Cazorla picture

Ricardo first moved to Costa Rica in 2006 where he went to university and fell in love with the land of pura vida. He loves the outdoors, good food and interesting conversations.

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