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Be Local Explorers

Regional Tailor-Made Tours for Curious Minds

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Slow, Tailor-Made and Sustainable Travel by Be Local: 
Be Local Explorers is a tour operator that strives to show people the beauty of local regions and cultures. We give our customers an authentic experience and help them to discover different cultures, flavours, and landscapes.  Our tours are for those who genuinely want to understand the places they visit. 

So stop packing and unpacking, take your time and start discovering fascinating regions with locals. Pick a destination, tell us your interests and dates, and let us design a Tailor-made tour for you and your friends or family.

Join us for an unforgettable journey!


Explore one region within a country (or maybe 2). Go under the skin of your location and get to

know it


Curated tours run by local tour leaders and suppliers. Let those who call home a region show you around


Let us know what would make the perfect trip for you and your fellow explorers and we will make it happen


We are fully aware of the negative environmental and social impacts of tourism. That is why we embrace slow, meaningful and sustainable travel


What do our Explorers Say?

"I had an amazing time in Costa Rica. The tour program was very well scheduled and we managed to do a lot of activities with locals. Thank you for your time and the great experience. Definitely recommended to everyone who wants to enjoy the pura vida experience"

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